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Golden Valley Campground Owners Want Camp Lickalotta Founders Gone
By Drew Brooks

Joe and Lynn Hoyle, owners of the Golden Valley Campground, retained O. Max Gardner III Friday in their ongoing dispute with Nancy Leedy and Joanie Beasley, the organizers of a camp that would have welcomed members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Since publication of Leedy and Beasley's plans, the Hoyles say they and their campground have been the victims of numerous threats.

"They've consistently had problems," Gardner said Monday, including damage to the camp's sign and threatening notes and calls.

Attempts to contact Leedy and Beasley were unsuccessful Monday.

The following information comes from the Hoyles' statement.

Beasley and Leedy leased a campsite from the Hoyles on a month-to-month basis beginning June 2007.

"There has never been any dispute between any of these parties related to or arising out of the sexual preferences of Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy."

The couple's sexual orientation had been known to all parties since the original agreement.

"Although Joe and Lynn do not approve of Joan and Nancy's sexual preferences, they take the position that this is a private matter that has no relevance to them as long as Joan and Nancy comply with the terms (of their lease) and with the General Campground Rules..."

The owners said the couple never entered into any written or verbal agreement to purchase all or part of the Golden Valley Campground, despite the campground being on the market for $1.1 million since May 2007.

The owners withdrew their consent to co-sponsor a family oriented concert when they learned the event would exclude children and would focus on "adult type entertainment."

"The Golden Valley Campground has terminated all plans for any future events of any nature with Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy."

The decision was based on misrepresentations by Beasley and Leedy, the unlawful use of images of the Golden Valley Campground and the misuse of the name and naming rights of the campground.

The owners "specifically disapprove of the name that has been promoted by these parties and disavow any association of any nature whatsoever with that name and deny that they ever approved or authorized the use of that name with their campground."

Beasley and Leedy said their camp would be known as Camp Lickalotta.

Beasley and Leedy have been notified their lease will not be renewed starting April 1.

"The notice not to renew the camp-site lease has nothing to do with the sexual preferences of these parties but rather relates solely to their failure to comply with the terms of their lease and with the General Rules for the Golden Valley Campground."

SHELBY - The owners of a campground associated with a controversial proposed camp released a statement through a local lawyer Monday "to set the record straight" on their relationship with the organizers.

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