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O. Max Gardner III Releases Statement on Controversial Campground

A statement by O. Max Gardner III, representing the owners of Golden Valley Campground.

Issued by: Joe & Lynn Hoyle, Owners

The purpose of this news release and public statement is to clarify and correct the public record regarding the relationship between Golden Valley Campground on the one hand and Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy on the other. Such action is necessary because Beasley and Leedy put this matter in the public domain by agreeing to an interview with a reporter from the Shelby Star in late February of 2008, which interview resulted in a front page article that the Shelby Star published on February 26, 2008, leading to subsequent media coverage.

1. Joe and Lynn Hoyle are the owners of the Golden Valley Campground. Although the Campground has a Casar mailing address, it is located adjacent to NC Highway 226 just inside of the Rutherford County boundary line. The campground has 24 fully functional locations for campers and recreational vehicles. These locations offer individual connections for metered electric service and provide water and sewer services free of charge. These spaces are rented to campers by the day, by the week, by the month and by the year. The campground also has what is described as a primitive area for use by campers with tents and similar outdoor equipment. Golden Valley is a family-friendly facility that is open to the general public. Joe and Lynn Hoyle provide space to any person who complies with the published campground rules. The rules do not discriminate against any camper based on race, sex, age, creed, color, religious beliefs or sexual preferences. Golden Valley Campground has leased one of the full facility camp sites to Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy as month-to-month tenants since approximately June of 2007.

2. There has never been any dispute between any of these parties related to or arising out of the sexual preferences of Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy. Joan and Nancy are both gay and this fact has been known to all of the parties since they first rented campground space at Golden Valley Campground. Joan always states that she is gay when she introduces herself to anyone and she did so the first time she rented space at Golden Valley Campground.

3. Golden Valley Campground does not have any policy that excludes anyone based on their sexual preference. The proof of this policy is conclusively established by the fact that Golden Valley Campground has leased a fully functional location to Joan and Nancy since the summer of 2007. Although Joe and Lynn do not approve of Joan and Nancy's sexual preferences, they take the position that this is a private matter that has no relevance to them as long as Joan and Nancy comply with the terms of their month-to-month lease and with the General Campground Rules that apply to all Golden Valley Campers. Although Joe and Lynn do not endorse gay sexual relations, they have never discriminated against anyone based on their sexual preferences.

4. Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy have never entered into any written or verbal agreement to purchase all or any part of the Golden Valley Campground. In fact, the record establishes that the Golden Valley Campground has been offered for sale to the general public for $1.1 million dollars through ReMax Select Realty of Marion since approximately May of 2007. Anyone can check the Cleveland County Multiple Listing Service to confirm any of these facts. Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy were fully aware of the listing and of the asking price and specifically stated on more than one occasion that they had no interest in purchasing the property at that price.

5. Golden Valley Campground has never authorized Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy to represent that they owned or operated the Campground or to represent that they intended to purchase and operate the Campground. They never had any authority to represent that the name of the Campground had been changed or to use any name other than the "Golden Valley" name in connection with any of their activities at the Camp, including but not limited to concerts.

6. Golden Valley Campground did in fact agree to co-sponsor a family oriented concert with Joan and Nancy to be held in May of this year. Golden Valley Campground allowed Joan and Nancy to clear some land near the First Broad river at their own expense in order to create a venue for this event. However, as soon as Golden Valley Campground learned that the concert would exclude children and would be focused on what can be described as adult type entertainment Golden Valley Campground withdrew any consent to use the Campgrounds for this type of event. Golden Valley Campground had also been advised by Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy that the concert would be held in part to raise money for cancer victims. However, Joan and Nancy have failed to produce any written proof that either the North Carolina or the National Cancer Society had sanctioned the event. The event would have been terminated absent such proof in any event.

7. Golden Valley Campground has terminated all plans for any future events of any nature with Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy. This action has been taken based on actual knowledge of the exact nature and scope of their planned future events, the misrepresentations that were made by Joan and Nancy about the nature and scope of these future events, the unlawful use of images of the Golden Valley Campground by Joan and Nancy in their promotion of these future events, and the misappropriation of the name and naming rights to the Golden Valley Campground by these same parties. Golden Valley Campground is extremely concerned about the public name that these parties have associated with the Campground on two or more internet websites and on unknown internet blogs and chat rooms and other promotional sites or on other promotional materials. Joe and Lynn Hoyle, as the sole owners of the Golden Valley Campground, specifically disapprove of the name that has been promoted by these parties and disavow any association of any nature whatsoever with that name and deny that they ever approved or authorized the use of that name with their campground.

8. Golden Valley Campground has provided Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy with an appropriate statutory notice that their month-to-month lease on their single camp-site will not be renewed for the term that begins on April 1, 2008. Under North Carolina law, a month-to-month lease may be terminated by either the landlord or the tenant upon the delivery of such notice at least 7 days before the new month begins. Such a written notice was delivered to Joan Beasley and Nancy Leedy on March 5, 2008 under supervision of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department. The notice not to renew the camp-site lease has nothing to do with the sexual preferences of these parties but rather relates solely to their failure to comply with the terms of their lease and with the General Rules for the Golden Valley Campground.

Any and all future questions should be directed to:

O. Max Gardner III
Attorney for Joe and Lynn Hoyle and For Golden Valley Campground
403 South Washington Street
PO Box 1000 Shelby NC 28151-1000

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